"Set-&-forget" your anniversary today
Automate now - forgetting is not worth the risk?
life happens

Its unfortunate, but it happens all the time. Life, work, kids, family, all happen. Sometimes its the seemingly smallest things that blindside you and cause you grief precisely when you don't need it.. The Captain hates being blindsided...

"I came home, she handed me a card.  I had nothing.  I didn't even know what the date was yesterday.  I have just been barrelling along working and taking care of kids.  I guess with all the madness it just slipped my mind.

I just don't get why she is so upset.  Why does she read into such a small mistake like this?  Of course I love her!  Everything I do is for her and our family.  Surely it isn't as bad as she is making it out to be?

She is very hurt, I feel terrible. We've had a rough year and I really stepped in it good now."

69% of Men under 55 are unable to remember the date they met or wed their partner.  In comparison, 63 per cent of women have the date etched on their heart.

It has been said that men forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries because they are primal-wired to focus on the external threats and pressures of the world outside of their "safe" relationships. 

But really, your partner think what they want to think and you know no reason is good enough...

"I'm feeling a little sad. It's not really a surprise. I have been married six years and together twelve years. My husband had no idea it was our wedding anniversary today. I still have his present under the bed. I can only think he doesn't love me?"

"I'm not high-maintenance by any means... but, I would just like to feel special once in a while.  Am I wrong in wishing he had gotten me something? He completely forgot - didn't even wish me a "happy anniversary." I can't help but feel that this is an indication of how much he values me and our marriage."

How it works - & - What to expect
In Short: No Headaches, simply Pleasant Surprises


Sign up.

You provide your details, anniversary date, partners name/nickname, and current daytime address

$87.00 will be debited from your card.  This pays for delivery of a big bouquet of flowers (RRP$100) to your partner on your anniversary - regardless of if you remember or not!  You will also receive FREE reminders leading up to the day!


Week prior.

You will be contacted by an email to confirm that you believe your partner will be at the daytime address provided.

In the event your anniversary falls on a weekend, you will receive some ideas for what to do on the weekend and the bouquet will be delivered the Monday - The envy generated from a bouquet delivered to the workplace will be very good for you!


Night before.

You will receive an SMS at about 8:30pm the evening before reminding you of your anniversary tomorrow.

This is purely for your information only.  The flowers are booked and on their way by this point!  By this time tomorrow night you can't help begin to believe, "you're a stud".  Even if you somehow completely forget, which happens - UrSorted.


...& Repeat.

It's as easy as that. You will soon after receive confirmation that all is prepared for next year.  Sit back. Relax. You did good.

You may receive a 'best of...' email on occasion if we think your attention should be drawn to those "just because" moments, e.g. leading up to Valentines day. You will otherwise not hear from us until the week before your next anniversary.

Don't risk the disappointment of a forgotten anniversary...